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River Tay Outing 2019

As usual Eddie pick myself up at 6.30am and headed up to the River Tay. On arriving Willie, Robert,Stewart and David were all ready there. After a quick chat it was off to meet our gillies for the day. It has been the same gillies we have had for many years and great guy,s with good advice. Robert decided to fly fish off the bank with myself spinning,Willie and Eddie on one boat and Stewart and David on the other boat.

I heard Stewart was on to a fish after being on the boat for about five mins and landed a nice kelp about 8lbs. Nice one Stewart. About 2 hours went by and I was into a Kelp as well what a fight it gave me with it head shaking and coming out off the water. Eddie noticed I had one on and the boat was on it's was to help me land it. I remember Eddie saying to me take the landing net with you before you go. I said  will not need it lol... Well upon landing the fish I headed down the bank to get it then the bank gave way. Happy days.. 

After lunch it was back out for the last couple off hours before heading back down the road. Although no more Salmon were caught I did manage to land a small trout. Good day out with the guy's and looking forward to next year. 

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