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Dundee 18/2/2024

Arriving at Riverside the sun was shining and the water was coloured. The fishing was hard going with just small fish being caught compared to last time we fish this event, the only thing we could put it down too was to much rain water coming down the river.


Results are as follows

1st I Grant with 5 fish for 143pts

2nd T Magorian with 2 fish for 51pts

3rd J Nelson with 1 fish for 28pts

4th J Wilson with 1 fish for 25pts

Ballast Bank Troon 7/5/24


This match was fished over 3 hours and the weather conditions were good. As usual a lot of small wrasse were about but these went to the members species hunt.


results are as follows

1st Iain with 3 fish for 87pts

2nd Tony with 2 fish for 63pts

3rd John with 1 fish for 37pts

4th jim with 1 fish for 28pts

5th Shane with 1 fish for 26pts

Carrick 18/5/24


The change of venue to Carrick turned out to be a good call until the rain and thunder storm decided to make an appearance. The fish turned up with 2 hours left in the match and after the thunder storm had passed over.


Results are as follows

1st Shane with 4 fish for 139pts

2nd Iain with 2 fish for 107pts

3rd John with 1 fish for 85pts

Shore match 4th June


A good surf was running last night with the winds at 30mph which we thought would be good for the fishing as it would stir up the sea bed. The first hour nothing till the tide started to flood, I then got a good pull over and felt the weight of a good fish on but as it came over the sand bar it came off my only chance at a fish was gone.


Tony then landed a nice fish weighing in at 5lbs 3ozs then landed another one at 5lbs. Gus was next to land one at 4lbs 8ozs


Results are as follows.


1st Tony with 2 fish for 134pts

2nd Gus with 1 fish for 58pts


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