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Specimen Hunt 

Shane and John headed down to Port Patrick for a session on the rocks looking for some fish too add to their species hunt. The fish were on the small side but welcome. The best fish of the night went to Shane with a very nice plaice estimated around about 1 1/2 lbs. They managed to catch 10 species between them. 


Species caught were dogfish, whitting, codling, Pollack, hadock, coalie, dabs, poor cod,  plaice, and flounders.

Specimen Hunt 


Iain and Tony went to Loch Etive to add too their species hunt. They managed a few coddling,thornies and spurs for their efforts. Well done guys 

Species hunt update 


Shane and John travelled up to Loch Etive to try and add to their species. Shane had a nice spur at 4lbs and then one at  4 1/2 lbs also a small Thornie. John had no spurs but managed a small Thornie. They were getting bites but no hook ups so they thought it was small fish hitting the baits. Shane put out a scratching rig to see if they could be caught which resulted in a small spur being caught.

Species hunt updates 


Iain and Tony went up to Gourock to further species hunt.  John and Shane headed down to the mull of Galloway area.

Species caught by Iain and Tony were dogfish, dab, black gobi, dragonet, Pollack, corkwing and goldsinny wrasse.


Species caught by Shane and John  were dogfish,  Pollack,  3 bearded rockling, ballan, corkwing and goldsinny wrasse.

New club boat records 2023


William Kennedy fishing out of Troon caught a Redband fish.


Gordon Goldie fishing out of Plymouth caught a launce and cuckoo wrasse.

boat outing at Port Patrick 


The guys headed down to Port Patrick to fish aboard dawn adventure. Heading out for some fresh mackerel and then onto the mark for some tope and bull huss fishing. There were some haddock around 1lb mark being caught in between the mackerel and small grey gurnards. We landed around 15 bull huss on the boat between 5lbs and the best one at 14lbs 8ozs with the dogfish making appearance sometimes even competing with the bull huss as Iain found out when he landed a small bull huss and dogfish on the same hook.

Then it was onto some Pollack fishing, some nice  coddling were being caught as well. Best Pollack weighed in at 5lbs 10ozs smallest around 2lbs.

Shane and John were out species hunting over the last few days. They have added a few species to their list now.

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