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Port Patrick results

Hi guys 
We had the first shore match on Sunday at Port Patrick. I did not attend this match as I had a little mishap while out fishing the week before. 
Iain run the match on my behalf and has sent the results on the day.
Results are as follows - 1st Iain Grant with four fish for 162pts
                                           2nd Tony MaGorian with 1 fish for 35pts 
Next match will be on the 8th June at dunure.

Summer league shore match 8th July


The shore match on tues was pretty hard going. The sea had a perfect surf running. Fresh lug, rag and peeler crab was sent outwards. We fished the match with nothing happening for three hours.


The match was up for grabs with anyone having a chance to win. With five minutes to go Shane had a bite which resulted in a slack liner but sadly no fish attached at the end.


Iain then got a few knocks and struck in to the fish ...match won. Well done mate.

Shore Match on the 19th June 


This match was fished over six hours. First into a fish was Tony landing a nice bass then new member Jamie with a small plaice. Shane and myself opted to fish a different mark as we all could not fish the same set off rocks. Keeping in touch with Iain nothing had changed in the next 5 hours. We were putting out fresh peeler crab, rag and lug worm still nothing around the fish did not want to play ball.


in the last hour of the match it went mental. The fry were being chased by something 80 yards out from us.Then Shane got a slack liner and struck in to the fish but it snapped his line. Second one he got to the edge of the rocks a nice thornie which spat the hook out as it touched the rock.


Then I was into a nice fish next and landed a nice thornie which weighed in at 7lbs 14ozs. Next was a smoothie of 5lbs 8ozs. Iain also had a smoothie of  nearly 5lbs. It's always the way the fish start to appear when the match is about to finish,  that's fishing for you.


Results are as follows.


1st J Wilson with 2 fish for 176pts

2nd IGrant with 1 fish for 85pts 

3rd T McGorian with 1 fish for 50pts 

4th J Nelson with 1 fish for 27pts.


Next match is on the 3rd July 

Shore Match on the 3rd July 


When arriving at our venue the rain in the morning made it unsafe to fish the mark safely. We decided to head to our backup venue. This mark seems to fish better on the ebb tide. There were no smoothies around this time but more thornies were. 


Iain was first into a fish which nearly pulled his rod rest and rod into the water. While fighting the fish Iain lost it and noticed his hook was missing. Iain had three thornies from 4lbs - 5lbs. Tony landing one for myself around 8lbs. Iain landed the best one at 8lbs 5ozs for Tony. As Iain slipped the net under the fish it spat the hook out. The same thing happened to Shane last time only thing different was I had my landing net this time to save Tony's fish.


Results are as follows.

1st Iain with 3 fish for 235pts

2nd Tony with 1 fish for 89pts.

3rd John with 1 fish for 88pts.


next match on the 6th July 

Summer league shore match on the 6th July 


We fished the ballast bank in Troon for 3 hours in this match. There were some small wrasse and small Pollack about.


Iain landed a nice tompot blenny for the species hunt.


Results are as follows.


1st Iain with 4 fish for 130pts.

2nd John with 1 fish for 28pts 


next match is on the 3rd August. 

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