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Loch Etive Shore Match 24th Feb

The fishing at Loch Etive was a bit slow. The spurdogs did not make a show but it was a mixed bags of Thornies, Whiting and Doggies.


Results are as follows - 1st I Grant with 6 fish for 229pts

                                       2nd J Wilson with 3 fish for 129pts   

                                       3rd M Bletson with 3 fish for 113pts

                                       4th M Wilson with 2 fish for 64pts

                                       5th S Wilson with 1 fish for 34pts


                                       Longest Fish J Wilson with 54cms

Yellow Isle shore match 7th April

Results for this mach are as follows.


1st F Spiers with 3 fish for 99pts.

2nd S Wilson with 3 fish for 81pts.

3rd M Bletsoe with 2 fish for 79pts.

4th I Grant with 2 fish for 62pts.

5th M Wilson with 2 fish for 58pts.

6th J Wilson with 1 fish for 25pts.


Longest Fish M Bletsoe with 39cm Pollack.

Loch Etive shore match 20th April 

The results for this match are as follows. 


1st M Wilson with 1 fish for 40pts.

2nd I Grant  with 1 fish for 35pts 


Yellow Isle Match 18th May

This match was to be held at the Yellow Isle, but when we arrived it had been raining which made the way down the hill a bit unsafe. I asked the guys what they thought about a venue change and they agrred it was the best thing to do. We headed to our new venue and started fishing at 2pm. The fishing was a bit slow to start with but picked up as the tide turned the fish made an apperance with mixed bags. All fish were returned alive. 


Results are as follows.

1st J Wilson with 14 fish for 495pts.

2nd M Wilson with 7 fish for 247pts.

3rd S Wilson with 4 fish for 155pts

4th M Bletsoe with 1 fish for 43pts.

5th F Spiers with 1 fish for 28pts


Longest fish S Wilson with 43cms.

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