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Riverside Dundee 


The first shore match got off to a good start with a few fish being caught. Some nice sized Flounders , dabs, plaice small codling and coalies. Tony was first to land a nice couple of flounders. Frank caught an unusual fish which turned out to be a eelpout or Visi Blenny by another name.


Results are as follows 


1st T Magorian with 12 fish for 326pts

2nd J Wilson with 10 fish for 289 pts

3rd I Grant with 10 fish for 260pts 

4th F Spiers with 9 fish 230pts




Killantrigan light house 


The shore match was hard going as the tide pull was strong and the fog appeared. Frank lost a nice fish at the side of the rocks as it broke the surface and spat the hook out. The fish were not there in great numbers but some members managed to land some.


Results are as follows 

1st I Grant with 3 fish for 92pts

2nd J Wilson with 1 fish for 38pts

3rd F Spiers with 1 fish for 29pts


some of the guys stayed on for an hour or so after the match to see if anything else was about. Shane did manage a nice coddling.


Next match is on the 11th June 



Ballast bank  Troon 


The shore match was fished over three hours and lots of small wrasse about. They were hitting your baits before anything bigger could get it. Some members managed to land some sized fish on the float, looks like that was the way to go instead off fishing hard on the bottom.

Stairhaven shore match


This match was hard going over six hours. Conditions were ideal but no fish about except for one flounder being caught at the being of the match which turned out to be the winning fish. Well done to the guy's who fished hard as it could have been anyone's match.


1st S Wilson with 1 fish for 28pts 

Shore match Irvine 


Arriving at Irvine harbour car park you could see the shore would be busy. With a quick walk about a dession was made to move the venue to Troon hoping it was not as busy. We fished the ballest bank but Iain had some swimmers and kayakers around him. A few fish caught in the match.


1st J Wilson with 4 fish for 106pts

2nd  I Grant with 3 fish for 81pts

3rd  S Wilson with 2 fish for 62pts


sorry about the picts lately the photo editor on the website is down at the moment 

Shore match Carrick 


We fished 3 hours up from low water and 3 hours back down. In the flood a few fish started to be caught. John landed the first smoothie at 94cms which gave a good account of itself.  Shane caught the next smoothie at 79cms. Then nothing's till the tide went out. The next smoothie fell to Shane at 80cms to win the match. Nice to see a few fish about for a change.


1st S Wilson with 2 fish for 169pts

2nd J Wilson with 1 fish for 99pts



Shore match Troon


This match was fished over a ebbing tide with rockling and wrasse making up the most of the species caught. A nice tompot blenny was caught by John to add to his species hunt as did other members added to theirs.

1st I Grant with 3 fish for 79pts

2nd T Magorian with 2 fish 54pts

3rd J Wilson with 1 fish for 34pts


Shore Match Monreith 


This shore match was a bit of hard going as the wind changed direction and only a slight surf running. Some members landed some fish in these conditions. 


1st S Wilson with 5 fish for 145 pts

2nd F Spiers with 3 fish for 87pts

3rd J Wilson with 1 fish for 33pts

4th I Grant with 1 fish for 30pts

Shore match Prestwick 


The match got off too a good start with a few small whitting and coalies being caught. As the tide rose and you could get into the gullies you made contact with the bigger coalies and flounders. Then as the thunder and lighting made an appearance the fishing slowed down a bit with just a fish here and there being caught. Too top it off the wind and heavy rain started which was not forecast.


Results are as follows 


1st I Grant with 7 fish for 234 pts

2nd J Wilson with 3 fish for 102pts.

Shore match Prestwick 


This match was a bit off a slow start with the weed lying in the gullies. It was not till the tide rose up over the gully that the fish started to appear. Some nice sized coalies and Flounders caught by Iain. 


results are as  follows 


I Grant with 8 fish for 270pts

2nd S Wilson with 2 fish for 73pts

3rd J Wilson with 1fish for 27pts

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