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Riverside Dundee 


The first shore match got off to a good start with a few fish being caught. Some nice sized Flounders , dabs, plaice small codling and coalies. Tony was first to land a nice couple of flounders. Frank caught an unusual fish which turned out to be a eelpout or Visi Blenny by another name.


Results are as follows 


1st T Magorian with 12 fish for 326pts

2nd J Wilson with 10 fish for 289 pts

3rd I Grant with 10 fish for 260pts 

4th F Spiers with 9 fish 230pts




Killantrigan light house 


The shore match was hard going as the tide pull was strong and the fog appeared. Frank lost a nice fish at the side of the rocks as it broke the surface and spat the hook out. The fish were not there in great numbers but some members managed to land some.


Results are as follows 

1st I Grant with 3 fish for 92pts

2nd J Wilson with 1 fish for 38pts

3rd F Spiers with 1 fish for 29pts


some of the guys stayed on for an hour or so after the match to see if anything else was about. Shane did manage a nice coddling.


Next match is on the 11th June 



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